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When your transmission starts acting up, do you wish that you were knowledgeable of your transmission and have an idea of which component a repair shop should check first, to repair your transmission? We specialize in transmissions Portland!

Saving Money

Knowing this could save you thousands of dollars. Transmissions could possibly be repaired without the transmission being removed from the vehicle if it’s necessary for the transmission to be “rebuilt”, or “reconditioned”.

Quality Rebuild

Trans Medic Transmissions quality rebuilding procedure will be performed according to our rigid technical standards and backed by our nationwide warranty. Our goal is to provide you with an understanding of which critical items to check before buying rebuilt transmissions or getting a major transmission repair.
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Bottom Line is when its time to get your transmission repair, we’re the Pros to do this – Give us a Holler at 503-667-8242 – You’ll be glad you did!

Transmission Repair Services Portland

Our Transmissions Portland Services offer a complete service from emergency towing to specialize transmission diagnostics, thus giving you a peace of mind.

With the multitude of problems that can encompass a transmission, we have many talented transmission Techs in the bullpen that have a diverse knowledge of transmissions that can help you. Here are some of the services that we specialize in:

  • Clutch Job
  • Diesel Transmission Rebuild
  • Ford, Chevy, Dodge Diesel Transmission Rebuild
  • Performance Transmissions

Give Trans-Medic Transmission Repair a Call at 503-667-8242 for any questions about your transmission concerns.

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