Transmissions & Clutch Specials

Trans-Medic Transmission Repair offers many Specials


Currently we offer Clutch specials so if your clutch is giving you a hard time due to the contstant stop & go of city driving – check out our Clutch Specials by clicking in the coupon section

Automatic Transmission

If you drive an automatic its convenient hot having to shift, but automatic transmission can break easily, if you fall into this boat, print out the coupon that you see on the right for Automatic Specials

Front Wheel Drive & 4×4

Driving that 4×4 off road is the Bomb! So to keep up with maintenance on your 4×4 vehicle should be a priority. Even if your vehicle is a front wheel drive – Can’t go wrong by taking pro action to maintain and keep your transmission in tip top shape.

Again chances are its probably been a long time since you’ve done anything to maintain your manual or automatic transmission. Now is the time to get started – by clicking on the right coupons and printed out – Give Us a Shout at 503-667-8242 to make an Appointment!

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