Diesel Transmission Repair

Comprehensive Diesel Transmission Repair for Your Vehicle

When it comes to Transmission repair, it’s essential to take your vehicle to a repair shop that’s knowledgeable in all kinds of transmissions. At Trans Medic, we understand that our customers with diesel engines often require high-powered performance from their vehicles for heavy-duty hauling and towing, which is why we perform diesel transmission repair in Portland to keep them working at their best. Since our staff focuses exclusively on transmissions, we quickly survey your diesel transmission, pinpoint what’s causing its issues, and get it working at its best in no time. Whether your gears are slipping or your shifts are flaring, our thorough service will reveal the best solution possible for your vehicle.

Trans Medic Transmissions has been helping Portland drivers get their vehicles back on the road for over 20 years. Our expert technicians are committed to adhering to our rigid technical standards, and a nationwide warranty backs our work.

Comprehensive Diesel Transmission Services

Our transmission services cover a wide range of maintenance that is sure to meet your vehicle’s needs. We conduct scheduled transmission services recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, and we offer detailed diagnostic testing that reveals a comprehensive overview of your vehicle’s transmission system and any of its issues. This allows us to see the most efficient ways possible to repair your vehicle, saving you time and higher costs. We employ domestic and foreign transmission repair specialists, so we know we can repair your diesel transmission no matter where your vehicle is from.

Diesel Transmission Rebuilds

Our professional technicians possess a staggering 60 years of combined experience in diesel transmission rebuilds, with expert knowledge on any transmission types. When your transmission is damaged enough to require a rebuild, our thorough rebuild process will be sure to leave you with a diesel transmission that’s built to last. Our technicians conduct a very detailed process for each transmission rebuild:


  • Remove and disassemble – our technicians break down your entire transmission for a complete in-depth inspection of each part to precisely identify what was worn or damaged in your transmission.
  • Quality alternative replacement – We source the best possible products to replace worn pieces of your transmission with premium, long-lasting parts.
  • Reassemble like new – We use new gaskets, seals, clutches, and bands to remake your transmission back to its original factory specs.
  • Re-installation – After re-installing your newly rebuilt transmission, we perform quality testing procedures to ensure it’s functioning at its best.

Your First Stop for Diesel Transmission Repairs

After 20 years of servicing transmissions in the Portland area, we know what types of issues local diesel transmissions develop, and we understand the quickest and most efficient solutions for these vehicles.

We’ll uncover the full extent of any issues we discover, and we’ll explain the best potential solutions in detail so you can understand. When it comes to repairing work and sourcing parts, we’ll get you the best service and components at the best rates possible. Our customers regularly return for our consistent maintenance and premium upkeep for their vehicles, and shoring up these complex transmission systems and gear-shifting, in general, is a big part of our comprehensive services. Contact Trans Medic Transmission today for a free estimate, and we’ll get your car back on the road, running at its best!